Is it difficult to obtain starting times? 

At Pinegrove we have capped the number of full members at 260 to give as much access to the course as possible. For this reason, our starter can usually accommodate your needs.


At what age can a child or grandchild play? 

Junior members are between the ages of 9 and 18. We conduct junior clinics on Sunday afternoons for children who are 5 through 9 and during the summer months, our golf professionals run a daily camp for children who want to learn to play and have fun with others around the pool.


What are the playing privileges of junior members? 

When accompanied by a full member, they can play from Monday to Friday before 8:00 AM or after 3:00 PM, or Saturday and Sunday after 2:00 PM.


My wife is a beginner. Will she be able to play with others? 

Pinegrove has over 100 woman members who play competitively or for fun. The Club does everything it can to integrate new members and has made great strides in modifying the course to suit the golfing skills of new golfers to the game.


Have you invested in the last few years? 

Every year we make sure to improve course conditions or the physical plant. In the last eight years, the clubhouse has been renovated and our course has benefited from new drainage, traps, greens and practice facilities.


What is the average age of your members? 

The average age is 55. We are striving to develop programs that will entice younger and intermediate members and their families to join.


Is your dress code strict? 

We try to maintain a balance. The dress code is similar to other clubs in the area but we do relax the rules to permit jeans or casual wear in our dining room on the weekends.


Do you host many outside tournaments? 

To keep member costs down, we host twenty events over the year on Mondays and Thursdays, but we limit the number during the peak periods of the summer. Members have access to the course before and after the tournament.


Have you charged recent assessments to cover costs? 

We presently have a balanced budget and have not charged assessments for some time now. We pride ourselves in being transparent with our members and budgets are always approved beforehand.


What is your guest policy? 

During the golf season, you can invite as many guests as you wish; however one individual cannot play more than five times. Naturally there are some restrictions as to starting times but we endeavour to provide guest packages that are truly advantageous. We also have corporate days where members can conduct their own mini-tournaments.