Welcome to Pinegrove Country Club

Please read the enclosed information carefully to enjoy our course and facilities to their fullest.

Upon your arrival at the Club, leave your golf bag at the bag drop on the southeast side of the road (across from the Clubhouse), ring the bell and our staff will assist you. Pinegrove possesses great locker room facilities.  We invite all guests to obtain a locker for the duration of their visit and enjoy accompanying shoeshine, shower, steam bath (men) and pool services.


Informations for guests 2019


Cellular and smart phones

The acoustic component of cellular or smart phones is forbidden on Club property except at the Pool Bar, in the parking lot, near the main entrance of the clubhouse and in the locker rooms (where they are used sparingly and with discretion and consideration for the privacy, comfort and relaxation of others).  However, the messaging component of these devices like e-mails or texting is permitted anywhere on the property including the course as long as it does not affect speed of play.


Golf dress code regulations

Men and Boys
  • No jeans or other denim.
  • No jogging or sweat suits.
  • Bermuda shorts (approximately 8 cm above the knee) are permitted. Cargo pants are not allowed.
  • Only sockettes (ankle length) and knee-length socks are permitted with bermudas.
  • Golf shirts must have a collar and be tucked into pants.
  • Golf shirts with a mock neck are also permitted.
  • No hats or tops with advertising logos may be worn, including member’s own company. Hats or clothes carrying the logos of other golf clubs, golf equipment companies or charitable organizations are permitted.
  • Appropriate golf shoes must be worn and metal spikes are not permitted.
  • Hats are not to be worn backwards.


Women and Girls
  • No jeans or other denim.
  • No short shorts or gym shorts and no mini skirts or tennis-length shorts. Cargo pants are not allowed.
  • No sweat or jogging suits.
  • No tank tops, halter tops or strapless tops.
  • Shorts, skirts and skorts are permitted. Hem of garment must extend below the fingertips when person is standing straight with arms at sides. Slacks are permitted.
  • Only sockettes (ankle length) and knee socks are permitted.
  • Caps, visors and fedoras with golf or charitable organizations logos are permitted.
  • Tops with no collar must have sleeves. Golf shirts with a mock neck are also permitted.
  • Tops with collars may have sleeves or be sleeveless.
  • Appropriate golf shoes must be worn and metal spikes are not permitted.


Use of pull carts and electric golf carts

  • Golf carts are permitted on all fairways except par 3s and unless otherwise indicated.
  • Carts must park with all four tires on the cart path around all tees and greens.
  • Under no circumstances are carts to be driven past the white stakes 30 yards from the greens.
  • Please drive your cart on the outside of the white stake closest to the cart path when exiting the fairway and proceed directly to the path.
  • Carts must never be closer than 5 yards from any bunker.
  • Carts are not designed to climb steep grass hills. If you must climb a steep hill you must use the cart path.
  • Hand carts, electronic caddies and electric carts must not be driven between bunkers and greens.


Speed of play

Each foursome is responsible to keep up to the speed of play of the course. Speed of play is not measured by how far ahead you are of the group behind you, but how far behind you are of the group ahead of you. No round of golf should exceed 4 hours 20 minutes. Always be ready to play your shot. In social play, adopt the “ready golf” rule having due regard for your fellow players’ safety. On the green, line up your putt while the others are putting. Mark your scorecard on the next tee.


Divots, ball marks and sand traps

Naturally, we expect all players to replace divots, repair ball marks on the greens and rake the sand traps after playing their shots.